Shipping and delivery of Stitch Store products

Stitch has partnered with multiple clothing and product vendors in Australia and the US to help design and deliver Stitch merchandise to our community members right across the world.

You'll notice that every product features either the US, UK, or Australian flag. Items with the US flag are delivered from vendors in the US, products with the UK flag are delivered from vendors in the UK, and products with the Australian flag are delivered from vendors in Australia.

Your shipping and delivery fee is calculated at the checkout depending on your location and what you have purchased. These fees are not set by Stitch. To keep these costs down, select products with the flag from the country closest to you. For example, it's more affordable for Australian Stitch members to purchase products with the Australian flag.

Please also note that as products come from different vendors who have set their own delivery fees, you may notice a slight increase in your shipping fee if you purchase multiple different products.